Top 5 benefits of a brand safety audit

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Top 5 benefits of a brand safety audit

Clare Langstaff, Audit Manager, ABC

We were delighted to join Leena Vara-Patel, Operations & Ad Tech Director at media agency agenda21, on stage at The 614 Group’s Brand Safety Summit on Thursday 9th May. During our session we discussed what happened when we worked together on their brand safety and anti-fraud audits, and the benefits they experienced as a result. Here are five benefits we’ve highlighted from the session:

  1. Builds client trust

The willingness to undergo our audit demonstrates to clients that you’re not only meeting industry-agreed standards for best practice, but that you value transparency and the highest levels of service. This is particularly important in our market where trust and effective working relationships are so crucial to success. By reducing the risk of inappropriate placement of advertising, you’re safeguarding client brands and their media investment.

   2.  Hones the processes you already have

During our initial consultancy, we learned that agenda21 were already fulfilling or close to fulfilling many of the requirements set out in the JICWEBS brand safety and anti-fraud Principles. We’ve had similar experiences with other businesses we’ve worked with, too. Our recommended actions help to consolidate your internal processes so you can demonstrate that you are meeting (or exceeding) the standards, as well as bringing your processes up to the required level for certification in other areas.

  1. Creates a clear framework for your brand safety policy

Our audit, based on the JICWEBS DTSG Principles, requires you to pull together documentation that shows how and why your business processes are brand-safe. Once this information is in place, you can use it to create a formal brand safety policy. Your team can then use this to communicate to clients why their brands are safe in your hands.

  1. Stands you apart from your competitors

The fact you’re happy for an auditor to go behind the scenes can stand you apart from companies that may not have undertaken the rigour of a third party audit.

  1. You’re ‘being the change’ you (and advertisers) want to see in the ecosystem!

By demonstrating this level of transparency, you’re in a strong position to demand this from your partners too. For example, Leena at agenda21 explained how they only work with partners who have undergone an independent audit to JICWEBS standards for brand safety. Not only does this highlight how they’re demonstrating good practice principles on their own certificate, it reassures them and their clients that they’re working within a trusted ecosystem that’s rooted in the same industry agreed standards. Making a safer environment for everyone.

To find out more about agenda21’s experiences undergoing our brand safety and antifraud audits, see our joint case study.

About the 614 Group Brand Safety summit

The 614 Group has been running its bi-annual Brand Safety summit since 2014, in both London and New York. These events are dedicated to showcasing educational content and creating a collaborative environment for those within the industry. Visit their website for more information.

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