Britain’s broadcasters launch CFlight - a new ABC-audited tool for measuring ad campaign coverage across linear TV & BVOD

CFlight and ABC


We’re excited to be working with CFlight – the recently launched joint broadcaster project focused on delivering a new TV ad measurement tool.

Facilitated by Thinkbox and Project Manager Andrew McIntosh, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky have collaborated on CFlight to capture live, time-shifted and broadcaster video-on-demand (BVOD) commercial impressions across all mainstream viewing platforms in the UK. CFlight will provide media agencies with a view of the overall audience exposure of their TV & BVOD campaigns, as well as indicating how much incremental cover was gained by using BVOD. The new tool will be free to media buyers/planners.

Via a rigorous audit, our role is to provide independent assurance for the methodology and implementation by individual broadcasters, to ensure that the BVOD data and system is compliant and consistent.

Project Manager Andrew McIntosh says: “The data methodology and process will be audited by ABC, the industry body for media measurement auditing, giving media buyers the reassurance of independent and expert scrutiny of CFlight, and to provide the benefit of ongoing advice and robust quality control.”

Simon Redlich, CEO of ABC said: “The CFlight team are focussed on ensuring that the project holds itself to the highest standards. This is a goal we wholeheartedly support and we’re looking forward to working with CFlight on this ground-breaking initiative for the TV industry.” 

For more information please visit the Thinkbox website to listen to the launch event recording.

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