GSI audited by ABC to JICWEBS Standards




GP One GmbH has received its first Anti-Ad Fraud compliance certificate from industry-owned media auditor ABC.

The certificate demonstrates that GSI has been verified by ABC against its capabilities for identifying and/or excluding 16 types of fraudulent traffic, as identified in the JICWEBS UK Traffic Taxonomy. This independent audit provides assurance that GP One GmbH is providing targeted protection to industry standards against both malicious (or fraudulent) and non-malicious sources of traffic, thereby helping to promote confidence and trust in digital ad trading.

GSI is a platform for analyzing and optimizing digital marketing for advertisers. The goal is to create transparency in the procurement of advertising space and thus to protect against ad fraud. To do this, GSI captures the quality of ad impressions, clicks and conversions in real-time, verifies the data and makes them permanently available to the customer via the platform.

Sascha Kalabuchow,  Managing Director at GP One GmbH comments: "We at GP One are very proud to receive the anti-ad fraud product certification from ABC. Ad fraud is causing billions of dollars worth of damage worldwide, and we are highly committed to not just combat this fraud but to also giving the advertiser the necessary transparency required to oversee their whole digital marketing performance."

Simon Redlich, Chief Executive at ABC, says, “Congratulations to GP One GmbH for receiving our Anti-Ad Fraud certificate. GP One GmbH’s decision to undertake our review of GSI’s anti-ad fraud capabilities further demonstrates the company’s commitment to transparency, and supports the industry’s call for greater independent auditing across the digital supply chain.”

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