comScore receives first ABC certification for video viewability measurement



comScore Becomes the First Company to Receive ABC Certification for Video Viewability Measurement to JICWEBS Industry Agreed Principles

ABC grants comScore the first certification for Online Video Ad Viewability in validated Campaign Essentials™

comScore today announced that it is the first company to be granted certification by ABC to JICWEBS Principles for video viewability measurement in validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE®). This certification expands on the solution’s existing ABC-accredited offerings for vCE Viewability for Display and vCE Content Verification, continuing its status as a certified solution for the digital ad market in the UK.

vCE video viewability measures the opportunity to be seen, including the removal of sophisticated invalid traffic (IVT), for video advertising impressions. Video Viewability is part of comScore’s holistic ad and audience delivery validation solution vCE, which provides an unduplicated accounting of impressions delivered on display, video and mobile devices across a variety of key dimensions including target audience (demographics), viewability, general and sophisticated IVT, brand safety, geography and engagement.

“Video is an integral piece of advertising budgets today, and it’s essential that advertisers and their agencies better understand their video ad performance and whether that ad had the opportunity to be seen,” said Martin Bromfield, comScore, VP Advertising EMEA, “We are pleased to receive the first vCE video viewability certification from ABC, as it underscores our commitment to delivering a solution that aligns not just with our clients’ needs but with the rigorous standards set forth by industry bodies.”

Based on JICWEBS industry-agreed Viewability Principles, ABC Video Viewability certification provides the industry with transparency and greater confidence to better compare viewability capabilities, ensuring agencies and advertisers can make informed purchasing decisions. comScore was one of the first companies to receive CV certification in 2012 and was also granted certification for their continued commitment to delivering desktop display viewability measurement in vCE earlier this year.

 “We are delighted to issue the first ABC Video Viewability certificate to comScore, demonstrating that its vCE video viewability measurement solution has met JICWEBS industry agreed standards,” said Simon Redlich, Chief Executive at ABC. “The latest IAB UK research shows that video is the fastest growing advertising format. By extending our Viewability programme to include video testing, ABC is delivering the media industry’s stamp of trust in this important area.”

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