MagazineCloner has been accredited for a third year as a Digital Publishing Platform Associate by ABC

Magazine Cloner


MagazineCloner has been accredited for a third year as a Digital Publishing Platform Associate by ABC, the industry body for media measurement in the UK. Publisher clients can claim for online and in-app sales via the reports. Additionally the reporting tools are now available as a stand-alone service, for non-MagazineCloner-app clients.

Having recently merged with Jellyfish Publishing to create Jellyfish Connect Ltd, the MagazineCloner product is now part of a unique digital publishing proposition - offering marketing services, production tools and multi-platform digital distribution - to remain at the forefront of their sector.

Patrick Knight, Strategic Development Director of MagazineCloner said: "ABC accreditation continues to be a valuable part of our overall offering and a key part of our goal to simplify digital publishing for our clients. By consolidating multi-platform reports and automating the compilation and banding of figures for the ABC process we provide a significant time and resource saving for publishers in the UK

Jan Pitt, Group Executive Director Client Services at ABC comments: “Congratulations to MagazineCloner for their third ABC Associate accreditation. Through continued accreditation they are able to demonstrate their expertise and commitment to working to industry agreed standards on behalf of their publishers. Publishers using an ABC Associate can have confidence that their supplier knows and understands the requirements of supplying data to ABC standards facilitating faster and easier audits.”




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