Facebook certified by ABC for online behavioural advertising processes



EDAA Trust Seal issued by ABC confirms Facebook’s compliance with European standards

Social media giant Facebook has obtained the EDAA Trust Seal for best practice in Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA). Issued by ABC, the Seal demonstrates that Facebook has met European industry-agreed standards when undertaking OBA processes.

The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) is governed by leading organisations in the media industry. Via the management of a self-regulatory programme and the licensing of the globally recognised Ad Choices icon, it strives to promote best practice in protecting people’s data, whilst enhancing transparency and user control for OBA.

ABC’s role is to help businesses comply with the EDAA programme and then issue the EDAA Trust Seal to those who successfully demonstrate they meet the criteria. This involves checking processes highlighted by the EDAA as key to best practice in OBA, for example; data security, sensitive segmentation, education, user choice and complaints handling.

The move demonstrates Facebook’s commitment to meeting the needs and concerns of its more than 1.6 billion active users. Stephen Deadman, Facebook’s Global Deputy Chief Privacy Officer, said, “We are proud to join the more than 100 other companies in Europe working to educate people about online advertising and helping them control their experience.”

Oliver Gray, Director-General at EDAA, said, “The news that Facebook, a leading name in social media, has been issued the EDAA Trust Seal by ABC is a pivotal moment for our industry. It shows that proven transparency is being viewed, also by the heavyweights, as an integral part of their business strategies. We hope that Facebook achieving the EDAA Trust Seal will encourage other businesses to communicate their compliance to best practice standards.”

Simon Redlich, Chief Executive for ABC, commented, “We are delighted to issue the EDAA Seal to Facebook. It underpins the company’s commitment to transparency in this important area. This willingness to communicate clearly about complex advertising processes is crucial to successfully build trust online.”

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