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Metropolis’ Property Week has today released its Total Audience Certificate ABC’s new hybrid offering for business media brands. The certificate combines both census and research data to provide net audience figures across print and web. ABC is also separately certifying Property Week’s digital edition, emails, events and social media.

Using industry agreed standards, ABC’s Total Audience Certificate provides a de-duplicated audience figure across a range of platforms and demographics for Business Media brands, including print, website and other digital platforms. The Total Audience Certificate is the first hybrid - census and research - measurement from ABC and has been developed specifically for the Business Media Market to demonstrate a business media brand’s net audience across multiple platforms.

ABC created the Total Audience methodology in partnership with PwC, an accredited Associate supplier to ABC, and the PPA (Professional Publishers Association). The process uses data integration techniques that bring ABC audited census data together with research data (in this case undertaken by Framework). PwC then performs the data integration modelling that includes the use of the Readers per Copy (RPC) metric and print/digital overlap to deliver a total audience view.

Jan Pitt Executive Director, Client Services, ABC commented:

“The well documented growth of audiences consuming business media across a wide range of platforms has led to ABC working with the industry to launch the Total Audience Certificate. A clear understanding of a cross-platform audience is valuable to media owners, enabling them to demonstrate the scope of their brands, and is a great tool for advertisers to achieve the best use of their media spend. Congratulations to Property Week, who are leading the market with the ABC Total Audience Certificate.”

Nick Stimpson Managing Director at Metropolis International, said:

“To pioneer this initiative with ABC is an exciting privilege which we hope will benefit other multi-platform titles. Here at Property Week we have been carefully watching how our audience consumes our premium content. Those who seek to read our content now have access via many channels. Personal choice of platform is now crucial to our loyal subscribers and I believe that our circulation figures should accurately represent our audience and their reading habits. This new Total Audience Certificate has taken a lot of work from the team but the collaboration with ABC and PwC has generated a certificate which I am extremely pleased with.”

Sam Tomlinson, PwC partner, added:

"An understanding of multi-platform audience is critical for any advertiser. We enjoyed working with ABC and industry representatives in developing this important industry standard and are now delighted to have delivered a Total Audience view for Property Week."


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