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ABC helps buyers plan campaigns in Newspapers, Magazines, Regional & Local Publications, Websites, Apps, Events, Digital Publications, Newsletters and more.

Advertisers want to know that your media buying decisions are sound, based on solid evidence they can trust. That’s why we’re here.

Our robust, comparable media data gives you the power to trade with confidence.

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84% Of Buyers agree ABC data Of Buyers agree ABC data is important in their ad decisions is important in their ad decisions
91% Use ABC data to understand Use ABC data to understand how published media reaches people how published media reaches people
87% of media buyers save time of media buyers save time using trusted ABC data using trusted ABC data

Membership fees

Membership is free for staff at IPA Member agencies.

If you’re not from an IPA Member agency, fees start from £334 and are based on your annual billings and company location.
If you’re an advertiser the membership fee starts from £277.


Membership Benefits

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IPA logo "ABC data is about accountability, transparency and trust. It’s gold standard data"
Belinda Beeftink, Research Director
"Having easy access to independently verified ABC data is vital. It allows us to negotiate and make media buying decisions based on information we can trust"
Charlie Vincent, Press Associate, m/Six


Media Audits

ABC releases data for the UK media industry to use when trading advertising. Our audits can cover your whole brand.

Third Party Auditing & Consultancy

ABC are a leading industry-owned auditor for media products and services, with specialist skills in digital ad trading. Our process and bespoke audits cover the following areas.

Our logo stands for quality and trust in media, empowering our industry to trade with confidence.

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